PISCO scientists collect biological, chemical, and physical data about ocean ecosystems in the nearshore portions of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem.  Our goals are to provide a well-mangaged, long-term archive of the many data collections and make those data widely accessible.  Because ecosystem data are diverse in their content and structure, the program strives to produce detailed documentation (metadata) to assist researchers in interpretation and analysis.  A data sharing policy guides us in the timely release of raw data to the data catalog. Data are also accessible via summary graphics, interactive maps, and custom reports.


PISCO provides access to ecological and oceanographic access arrow with relection imagedata through our data portal and data-specific applications. You can search data collections, access detailed documentation, and with a login, download PISCO’s archived data sets.
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access arrow with relection image We partner with a number of groups that share similar goals of understanding ocean ecosystems and developing solutions to data management challenges.  PISCO is a participating member of the Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE), in addition to many other collaborations.
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access arrow with relection image Each PISCO university maintains hardware and software systems in support of our research programs. As a participating member of DataONE, PISCO's data catalog is replicated to a number of other institutions.  
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