Coastal Ocean Acidification along West Coast- New study released

Purple urchins in West Coast tidepool
A three-year survey of the California Current System along the West Coast of the United States found persistent, highly acidified water throughout this ecologically critical nearshore habitat, with "hotspots" of pH measurements as low as any oceanic surface waters in the world. This study was performed by the Ocean Marine Ecosystems Group for Acidification Studies, a group of scientists from PISCO and other collaborating institutions.

Funding, III

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From 2005-2009, a core set of programs were funded by 5-year collaborative grants from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Since 2010, PISCO has been funded by a core grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation plus many other sources of additional funding from public and private sources.

Funding, II

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PISCO was established in 1999 with major grants from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

With a focus on understanding the nearshore areas of the California Current Large Marine Ecosystem, our goals were:

-- long-term, large-scale interdisciplinary research,

-- new scientific discoveries,

-- useful information for society, and

-- unique opportunities to train students in interdisciplinary thinking.

Resulting Program, III

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Since 2010, PISCO has focused on applying its long-term research methods to emerging ecological and management questions and strengthening partnerships with public and non-profit organizations. 

In light of issues such as climate change and ocean acidification, the value of PISCO’s integrated long-term data sets is only growing.

Resulting Program, II

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The following five years (2005-2009) saw a focus on integration across disciplines, development of data management systems, and increased applications of this work to policy and management questions.

Strong collaborative relationships developed during this period helped PISCO build partnerships for informing natural resource decision making.