Science of Marine Reserves: Original 2002 booklet

The Science of Marine Reserves booklet (2002)

Complete Booklet, 2,843 KB
Front Cover, 613 KB
Introduction, 488 KB
Marine Reserves Studied Around the World, 406 KB
Reserves Benefits Inside Their Boundaries, 770 KB
Reserves Benefits Outside Their Boundaries?, 698 KB
Design Considerations, 723 KB
Locating Reserves, 210 KB
How Do Marine Reserves Fit Into the Big Picture?, 232 KB
Selected References, 62 KB
Back Cover, 612 KB

Figures from Science of Marine Reserves booklet (2002)

All figures included in the booklet available for dissemination can be downloaded by clicking the links below. Photographs included in the booklet are not available for public distribution. While we encourage its use for educational purposes, the material is copyrighted by PISCO so we ask that you provide full credit when presenting these images.

Around the world

Reserves around the world

Benefits inside reserve boundaries

Reserve effects worldwide, Halpern 2003
Web of life
Anacapa inset
Reserve effects in Anacapa, Lafferty 2000
San Juan Islands inset
Reproduction potential of lingcod, Eisenhardt 2001

Benefits outside reserve boundaries

Spillover of adult fish in Merritt Island
Dispersal distance estimates, Kinlan and Gaines, 2003
Merritt Island inset
Record fish caught off Merritt Island
Georges Bank inset
NMFS scallop survey, 1998
Potential scallop settlement in closed area I
Potential scallop settlement in closed area II

Reserve design

Age at maturity for selected species
Life cycle of marine fishes
Santa Barbara Channel eddy, Nishimoto and Washburn
Sea surface tempurature map off California
Potential contribution to conservation
Potential contribution to fisheries
Possible reserve design options

Locating reserves

Three options for marine reserves in the Channel Islands
Three designs for marine reserves in the Channel Islands

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