2009 Hypoxia Season Summary (old)

 PISCO scientists Jack Barth and Francis Chan at Oregon State University have recently released a summary of the 2009 hypoxia season. Formation of Hypoxic zones off the Oregon and Washington coasts began to occur in 2001 and PISCO researchers have monitored their formation and effects for the last 8 years.

PISCO monitor these hypoxic zones using increasingly cutting edge technology that has ranged from shipboard sampling to the latest ocean gliders that can stay at sea for weeks at a time collecting data and transmitting these data back to scientists in near real time. Instruments such as this have allowed researchers such as Chan and Barth to keep their finger on the pulse of hypoxic zones like never before. "We've been looking hard at this problem for eight years now, and each year we've seen hypoxia," said Barth, "I really think we're in a new pattern offshore here. I would expect hypoxia to show up to some degree every year now." 

These techniques are displayed a National Science Foundation (NSF) Special Reports and video on hypoxic areas or “Dead Zones”.

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