Giuseppe Di Carlo

Mediterranean Project Advisor
Convening Lead Author
World Wildlife Fund for Nature

Giuseppe Di Carlo is the Head of the MPA Programme for WWF Mediterranean, and is responsible for supporting Mediterranean countries and MPAs to achieve key conservation and management targets. Since 2008, Giuseppe has been involved in developing and implementing ecosystem-based based management into conservation strategies, with particular focus on the effects of climate change. He provided support to several country programs around the world, from East Africa to South East Asia, Madagascar and the Mediterranean. After completing his Ph.D. in marine science, Giuseppe worked in the US as a research scientist focusing on coastal marine ecosystems and their adaptive response to disturbance, with special attention to global issues such as climate change. Since 2010, Giuseppe has been President of the World Seagrass Association and in 2006 he contributed to the establishment the Mediterranean Seagrass Association, of which he is Secretary and Chair of its triennial meetings.