Jennifer Caselle

University of California Santa Barbara

Jenn Caselle is a Research Biologist in the Marine Science Institute at UC Santa Barbara. Her research focuses on the ecology of coastal marine organisms, their role in nearshore ecosystems, and the response of these ecosystems to environmental change and human impacts. Her work is fundamentally empirical and field-based, and pairs field observations and experiments with cutting-edge laboratory analyses, statistical approaches, and modeling tools. Research questions in her lab range from early life stages to whole ecosystems, including: (1) understanding connectivity among populations and habitats via movements of larval and of older life stages; (2) investigation of the causes and consequences of demographic and life history variation among populations; and (3) evaluation of changes in the structure and function of kelp forest and coral reef communities associated with marine protection. Her research is multi-disciplinary and conservation oriented, and as such, relies on strong collaboration with scientists from a variety of disciplines, spurring her involvement with PISCO. Dr. Caselle earned her B.S. in Zoology from UC Berkeley, and her PhD in Marine Ecology from UC Santa Barbara.