Kristy Kroeker

Principal Investigator
University of California Santa Cruz

Research in the Kroeker Lab uses field experiments and laboratory manipulations to understand the underpinnings of community and ecosystem dynamics, as well as meta-analyses and modeling to forecast the emergent effects of environmental change. The three primary foci are (i) studying effects of ocean acidification on marine species and how species interactions can mediate these effects, (ii) developing frameworks for understanding and predicting combined effects of multiple stressors, and (iii) using science to examine human adaptation strategies and inform more effective management decisions around global change and ocean acidification. Kroeker is a Packard Fellow in Science and Engineering and a Sloan Fellow in Ocean Sciences. As a Principal Investigator, she brings a base of OA expertise to PISCO in California and strongly complements the consortium’s focus on population-, community-, and ecosystem-level impacts of environmental change and management decisions.